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God & Goddess Statues

Beautifully crafted sacred images for your home or ritual space. All Dryad Design, LTD products are original designs carved by Paul Borda. The castings are made from polyresin and are weather resistant. Dryad Design, LTD owns the copyright on all designs shown and any reproduction without written consent is prohibited.


Statuary & Plaques (46)

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A cold cast statue of Cernunnos, the "horned god", has intricate detailing, it is hand painted in high quality resin, stone colored finish.
List Price: $58.95
Our Price:  $56.00
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Krishna, cold cast resin hand painted.
List Price: $50.95
Our Price:  $48.40
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Portraying the Hindu God Ganesh, the Remover of Obstacles and the Lord of Beginnings, this solid brass statuette is a delight.
List Price: $19.95
Our Price:  $18.95
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Traditional and beloved Buddha is transformed into a contemporary and fun piece of home decor.
List Price: $25.95
Our Price:  $24.65
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This 8 1/4" beautifully detailed hand polished, cold cast bronze statue, depicts the bodhisattva, Kuan Yin sitting upon a crescent moon, with a bed...
List Price: $68.95
Our Price:  $65.50
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Blodeuwedd Goddess from flowers to owl form. Studding depiction of this Welsh Goddess , Blodewedd relates to beauty, shadow, solitary, perception,...
List Price: $45.95
Our Price:  $43.65
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Brigid, Celtic Goddess, is one of the most loved and benevolent symbols world wide.
List Price: $44.95
Our Price:  $42.70
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Our ever popular Yoga Goddess line has expanded once again to include our favorite versions yet!
List Price: $29.95
Our Price:  $28.45
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"Great Queen" and Celtic Goddess, the Morrigan is powerful warrior.
List Price: $43.95
Our Price:  $41.75
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Rhianon beautiful crowned Goddess with blue birds comes from across the Celtic world.
List Price: $45.95
Our Price:  $43.65
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This self contained shrine features compassionate Kwan Yin at center with a figure on either side.
List Price: $32.95
Our Price:  $31.30
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A brilliant depiction of Shiva, the Hindu figure of absolute divinity, this statue has been beautifully created out of bronze and antiqued so as to...
List Price: $23.95
Our Price:  $22.75
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An intricately detailed statue of the Buddha shown sitting serenely seated in a meditative pose.
List Price: $14.95
Our Price:  $14.20
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A small Buddha statue adorned with and carrying symbols of wealth and prosperity.
List Price: $10.95
Our Price:  $10.40
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The powerful prophetess and wife Odin Figga is shown here with a mighty staff and shield. Cold cast rresin. 9 1/2" x 7 1/2" x 2 3/4"
List Price: $73.95
Our Price:  $70.25
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First among the goddesses of the Norse tradition and the wife of Odin, Frigga is generally viewed as the queen of Asgard, and the only one entity...
List Price: $70.95
Our Price:  $67.40
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Ganesh is the elephant-headed Hindu god, the remover of all obstacles in one`s life path.
List Price: $12.95
Our Price:  $12.30
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A brightly hand painted, cold cast resin statue depicting Ganesha seated upon his throne, holding a trident. 8" x 6" x 4"
List Price: $82.95
Our Price:  $78.80
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An elegant depiction of the younger form of the Goddess, the Maiden is shown here seated unpon a tree stump with delicate hints of color highlighting...
List Price: $45.95
Our Price:  $43.65
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A serene depiction of Shiva dancing upon a lotus blossom. Cold cast resin. 9" x 8" x 3"
List Price: $61.95
Our Price:  $58.85
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Skadi is the Norse Goddess of winter, and the hunt, and is spoken of in the Norse sagas as being a jotunn, or spirit or goddess of nature.
List Price: $71.95
Our Price:  $68.35
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This meditation shrine features a threefold representation of the Buddha.
List Price: $30.95
Our Price:  $29.40
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