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Spells & Charms

Created by real witches! Charms, spells, mixes, and candles give you control over your intentions.

Our charms, spells, mixes, and candles are designed to give the user the tools needed to successfully aid their working, whether it be love, protection, prosperity, or any other goal. All of our spell products have been designed by trusted people and are of the highest quality.

Herbal Spell Mixes

These are herbal creations are formulated to aid you in your magickal work. They can be used as spell ingredients for charm bags, filling for...

Mini Bath Spell Kits

Highly effective bath kits by Azure Green. Each kit contains: bath salts, 2 candles, 1 candle holder plus instructions on their use.

Spell & Ritual Kits

Many of These ritual kits are made by our good friends at AzureGreen. Others come highly recommended by trusted sources.

Spell Candles

An 8" hand-dipped ritual candle; charged, anointed and inscribed by a powerful witch to aid you in achieving goals.
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