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Ritual Tools

The tools of the Arte Magickal (such as athames, wands, chalices, patens, and bells) are designed to aid you in achieving your goal and bring beauty to your practice.

Because magick speaks to us and works through symbols, a proper ritual tool will help you to achieve your goal when performing spells and rituals whether for prosperity, love, devotion, or any other purpose.

The magick is within you but the tools bring it out!

We strive to bring you quality items, hand-crafted, when available.

Altar Patens

Witchcraft traditions represent the element of Earth with their Altar Paten and use them for the consecration of tools, "cakes and...


Individually hand crafted, portable altars that you can take with you to festival or use at home for those of us who are space conscious.


An athame or athamé is the Witch's ceremonial knife and appears in many forms and designs.


The bell is an uncommon magickal tool yet it is an important tool of the Arte Magickal.


The cauldron is a symbol of the Great and is the womb in which life begins. Although it usually represents the element Water, the cauldron is...


As a feminine principle, the chalice represents the Goddess, the ever full cauldron, and life and birth.

Mortar and Pestles

A mortar and pestle is the "old fashioned" way to prepare your herbs for teas, spells, and incense.


Channel energy, cast a circle, invite and control entities – The magick is in you, the right wand can bring it out.
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