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Bone Renaissance Athame

Bone Renaissance Athame
This Athame has the appearance of a delicate knife that might have appeared upon one`s belt during the emergence of art and wonder and mysticism that was the Renaissance. With a slender, double-edged, 6" long blade ending in a fine point, the Athame features an elegantly simple crossguard and hilt. The crossguard, flaring with distinctive renaissance curves and angles, has been crafted of bronze; the color accenting the bone finish of the handle which in turn ends in a small bronze pommel. The entire Athame measures approximately 10" long and comes with a leather sheath that easily fits most belts and snaps shut to secure the athame. Not for sale in Massachusetts. (RA105BO)
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An athame or athamé is a ceremonial knife, one of several magical tools used in Wicca; other forms of modern witchcraft have since adopted the term for various ritual knives. The athame appears in many forms and designs.
The athame is first mentioned in the writings of Gerald Gardner in the 1950s. The athame is often considered the most important personal ritual tool in witchcraft and has many uses, but it is not to be used for actual physical cutting.

Appearance & Use:
The handle may be inscribed with particular symbols dictated by the tradition. In "eclectic" forms of witchcraft the handle decorations range from astrological glyphs to runes, the symbols being chosen by the owner.
The athame's primary use is for ritual and magical purposes only, to direct energy. As a masculine principle, it is often used in combination with the chalice, as feminine principle, evoking the act of procreation, as a symbol of universal creativity. This is a symbol of the Great Rite in Wiccan rituals. Some modern witchcraft traditions may prefer not to use iron blades, instead preferring alternatives such as copper, bronze, or crafted wood. This is most common amongst traditions that have a particular fondness of the Sidhe, to whom iron is supposedly harmful.

Note: Purchaser is responsible for knowing and conforming to local laws governing blades.


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A 3 piece eating set made from carbon steel in a medieval style suitable for use or display. 6"
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A medieval styled boline made from carbon steel featuring a twist design decorative handle. 8"
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A folding athame with a locking blade and a brilliantly colored Celtic knot handle.
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A discreet black and silver stainless steel athame measuring 6" in length with a black plastic sheath and a black...
List Price: $11.95
Our Price:  $11.35
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This two sided athame has many features: pentagram with sword amultet applied to blade, as well as a bind rune on one...
List Price: $26.95
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This long athame appears as though it is a medieval sword in miniature.
List Price: $31.95
Our Price:  $30.35
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This delicate Athame has the appearance of a delicate knife that might have appeared upon anyone`s belt during the...
List Price: $32.95
Our Price:  $31.30
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A folding boline with a safety locking blade. Wooden handle covers for comfort and a stainless steel blade. 4"
List Price: $14.95
Our Price:  $14.20
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Natural bone athame with plain hilt. Handmade. Allow for size & style variations. Approx.
List Price: $12.95
Our Price:  $12.30
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This Athame has the appearance of a delicate knife that might have appeared upon one`s belt during the emergence of art...
List Price: $32.95
Our Price:  $31.30
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This beautiful ritual athame is made up of a Damascus steel patterned blade and a polished stag horn handle.
List Price: $63.95
Our Price:  $60.75
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Designed so that it can be carried against the bosom within its nylon sheath, this small athame offers you a knife that...
List Price: $9.95
Our Price:  $9.45
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A Celtic themed Athame with an interwoven pentacle at the cross guard. Comes with a scabbard and finished in pewter.
List Price: $33.95
Our Price:  $32.25
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A stunning Celtic themed dagger with stainless steel blade and pewter lacework handle with manmade jewel.
List Price: $52.95
Our Price:  $50.30
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This delightful letter opener has been sculpted of fine, lead-free pewter into the shape of a cruciform sword.
List Price: $7.95
Our Price:  $7.55
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This approximately 9" long athame offers an approximately 6" long, double-edged blade that is otherwise...
List Price: $37.95
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An all steel knife with brass antler and pewter pentacle, handle is painted steel. Steel, Brass, Pewter.
List Price: $44.95
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Great for those fae at heart, this ritual athame makes for a wonderful addition to your tools for your rituals and...
List Price: $37.95
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An impressive athame styled after ancient Persian design with a wooden hilt, Damascus steel blade & skull cracker with...
List Price: $122.95
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This highly ornate athame is decorated with a faux brass hilt, as well as a faux brass sheath.
List Price: $34.95
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List Price: $32.95
Our Price:  $31.30
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This ornate athame presents an appearance that appears delicate and graceful, leaving you somewhat surprised when you...
List Price: $45.95
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Running approximately 9" in total length, this athame presents itself as a delightful tool for your ritual crafts.
List Price: $35.95
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