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Individually hand crafted, portable altars that you can take with you to festival or use at home for those of us who are space conscious. We carry 2 designs; a basic portable altar and a more elaborate, ornate altar.

Small variations will be present as each altar is individually hand crafted from hard wood. These are custom orders and may take up to 3 weeks to create.

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A handy addition to any sacred space, and particularly useful for those without a lot of space for their altar tools, or who wish to bring their...
List Price: $28.95
Our Price:  $27.50
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This small altar table is a fantastic supplement to your sacred space.
List Price: $41.95
Our Price:  $39.85
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This small altar table, decorated with a complex image of the Tree of Life, encircled win a wide wreath of Celtic knots formed from its roots, is...
List Price: $20.95
Our Price:  $19.90
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Intended to be used upon a larger altar table as a raised platform, or for those who have little space or need to be able to conceal their altar and...
List Price: $28.95
Our Price:  $27.50
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This fantastic altar table is of truly unique construction. The entire top surface has been carved into the likeness of a spirit board, allowing you...
List Price: $117.95
Our Price:  $112.05
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