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We are proud to carry a large selection of jewelry for mundane and ritual / magickal use. Our selection includes amulets based on the Key of Solomon, beautifully crafted Celtic designs, the sacred images of pentacles and ankhs, silver earrings, Norse designs, and the Dryad Design line of sacred jewelry.


Amber Earrings, Amber Pendants, Amber Necklaces, Amber Bracelets


Amulets are pieces of jewelry (usually necklaces) that are specifically made with the intention of being able to receive, hold, and amplify...


Modern lore relates the Ankh to protection and eternal life.

Bracelets & Miscellaneous

Crowns, Brooches, Pins, Hair Ties, Barrettes, Jacket Pulls, and Metal Bookmarks

Celtic Designs

A fine selection of jewelry based on ancient and modern Celtic deisgns and sacred symbolism.

Chains and Cords

A fine selection of high quality silver chains and necklaces for pendants and charms.


Pagan and Wiccan earrings with designs of sacred images for ritual or daily wear.

Gem Necklaces

Sacred gemstone chips are carefully strung into necklaces so you can draw upon their innate magical associations

Norse Designs

Beautiful Norse Jewelry Pendants.


We have a large selection of pendants with a wide range of styles and designs. These wonderful pieces are great for magickal use, every day...

Pentacles and Pentagrams

The Pentacle is an ancient and sacred symbol that represents the 4 elements (Earth, Air, Fire, and Water) plus the fifth element (Spirit) in...
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