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Each piece of our amber jewelry collection is hand selected by Vinnie. As these are one of a kind, they come into and out of stock frequently. Please note that although the pictures are of the actual items, there will be some slight variation in color and shape (due mainly to Vinnie's photography skill!).

Amber is often called "liquid sunshine" to describe the wonderful energy of this magickal fossilized resin. The ancient Norse called Amber "Freya's tears". Modern Pagans and Witches tap into the power of the sun by wearing amber. It is associated with success, abundance, vitality, and corresponds to both the Goddess and the God because of the transformative nature of its creation. Amber is often used for healing spells and it is believed to draw power and energy to the wearer.

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Amber Resin from the Himalayas is boxed in a beautiful brass charm, and comes on a 24" black satin necklace cord.
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Our Price:  $29.40
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