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Books & Music (1)

Clothing & Accessories (9)

Bags & Boxes

Here you will find boxes and bags and pouches for Tarot Decks of every size, trinket boxes for your special keepsakes, tote and messenger...

Books & Music

What the well-read Pagan has on their bookself and music library. We offer a selection of titles spanning magick and spells to the best in...


Candles have long been used in association with the practice of magick and Witchcraft.

Clothing & Accessories

Adorn yourself with the height of Pagan fashion! Our tote and messenger bags are perfect for carrying your ritual gear as well as your every...

Crystal Balls, Runes, & Tarot Decks

Crystals & Gemstones, Crystal Balls, Pendulums, Runes, & Tarot Decks - all manner of divination!

Everything Else

Everything Else - Charcoal, Black Salt, Cords, Coffin Nails, Oil Bottles, Washes, and more!


Whether you are looking for pagan posters or a way to express your unique sense of humor or simply to make a statement, here is where you'll...


Herbs have long been associated with folk medicine and healing, ceremonial magick, spell work, and incense making.


Incense sticks and cone incense, smudge sticks, elemental incense, and incense holders!


We are proud to carry a large selection of jewelry for mundane and ritual / magickal use.

Oils & Potions

From the most ancient times, we know the legends surrounding Witches crafting magickal potions and the uses of perfumes and oils (essential...

Ritual Tools

The tools of the Arte Magickal (such as athames, wands, chalices, patens, and bells) are designed to aid you in achieving your goal and bring...

Scribing Supplies

Dragon's Blood? Dove's Blood? Bat's Blood? These are all magickal inks designed to aid you in written spells.

Spells & Charms

Created by real witches! Charms, spells, mixes, and candles give you control over your intentions.
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