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Incense sticks and cone incense, smudge sticks, elemental incense, and incense holders! We have a wonderful selection for you!

Incense has traditionally been linked with Magick and Religion. It has been believed to purge a place of negative or unwanted influences and to purify and sanctify a Temple for the descent of the Gods. Many believe that the best incense is created by compounding herbs, resins and woods with appropriate mystical correspondences. Incense created this way becomes a vehicle for your magickal intent.

1618 Gold Stick Incense

Brought to you by "1618 Gold", these incense sticks are both high quality and very affordable!

Anna Riva Stick Incense

Anna Riva has formulated these stick incenses to vibrate toward their specific objectives.

Burners and Holders

Wood and metal incense holders for granular/charcoal and stick incense.

Cone Incense

These are high quality, handcrafted, charcoal based incense cones that are softly scented with oils and herbs and are even burning.

Escential & Lunar Essences Sticks

Escential and Lunar Essences are two wonderful brands made from high quality ingredients that are designed to aid in a specific purpose such...

Granular Incense

High quality incense made from granules of herbs and resins. Burn on charcoal disks to set your ritual mood.

Nature Nature Sticks

Nature Nature Pure Resin Stick Incense are all hand made, hand rolled and hand dipped using high quality resins, herbs and essential oils.


A fine selection of the most popular and effective powder incense and ritual powders for your magickal intentions.

Smudge Sticks

Sage Spirit Smudge Sticks are made in New Mexico. Each ingredient is a sacred herb used for centuries by Native Americans in their...

Stick Incense

High Quality, handcrafted, charcoal based incense sticks come in single scents, blended scents, and elemental correspondences for those...
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