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Everything Else

Everything Else - Charcoal, Black Salt, Cords, Coffin Nails, Oil Bottles, Washes, and more!

We now carry thousands of items and once in a while, it takes us a while to find the right home for the items or category. Most of these items are cross cultural and cross tradition so we've put them all here for convenience. Whether you are lookig for spell components, magickal washes, bath salts and lotions, or even something mundane like key rings, here is the place to look.

Bath Salts and Mixes

These ritual bath salts are infused with herbs and aromatically, therapeutically, and magickally charged to strengthen the magick within you...


Bottles can be used to store your perfumes, essential oils, as mini-spell bottles, and charms.


Long-burning, easy lighting charcoal tablets. Packaged in foil tubes, well sealed against moisture & dust.

Key Rings

What better way to safeguard your keys than with sacred symbols? Simple and attractive.

Lotions & Soaps

Lotions and Soaps magickally made to enhance your intent!

Miscellaneous Items

We carry a variety of miscellaneous supplies for your magickal use: candle adhesive, cords for jewelry making, magickal ingredients like...

Waters, Washes, and India Oils

Many practitioners add specially formulated waters or washes to baths to aid in cleansing or to give a "magickal oomph" to their...
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