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Crystal Balls, Runes, & Tarot Decks

Crystals & Gemstones, Crystal Balls, Pendulums, Runes, & Tarot Decks - all manner of divination! Scrying and interpretation of signs and symbols have long been a staple in the magickal persons repertoire of skills.

Scrying is most often done with Crystal Balls and Black Mirrors. Symbol interpretation most often involves "casting the Runes" or "throwing a Tarot spread". Some people have more of an affinity for one form of divination over another. We encourage you to experiment until you find the form that works best for you.

Crystal Balls and Stands

Crystal Ball gazing is one of the most recognized forms of divination and scrying into the future.

Crystals & Gem Stones

We now carry crystals and tumbled, semi-precious gemstones for your magickal needs.


An easy to learn form of divination often giving a YES, NO, or MAYBE answer. A pendulum is good to use if you want to cut right to the heart...

Rune Sets

The Runes are the alphabetic and magical script of Germanic, Scandinavian and North European peoples and were magickaly used to ward off...

Scrying Mirrors and Bowls

Black Scrying Mirrors and Scrying Bowls for divination and devotion. The black scrying mirror, or scrying bowl is a powerful psychic tool.

Tarot Decks & Sets

In the Western world today, the Tarot has many uses for practitioners of divination, magick, religion, spirituality, and psychology.
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