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Carnelian Tumbled Stones

Carnelian Tumbled Stones
Carnelian - The Carnelian is a sacred stone of the ancient Egyptians and the Tibetans. This stone is quite energetic and assists in activating the lower chakras. Wear one or keep one in your pocket to help you to take action. It brings energy and fire, enhancing physical energy and personal power and invoking joy, laughter and warmth as it opens the heart. 1 pound of tumbled, semi-prescious gemstones. (GTCARB)
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Our Price: $18.00
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Crystals & Gem Stones

We now carry crystals and tumbled, semi-precious gemstones for your magickal needs. You can carry these stones as good luck charms, use them in spell ingredients and charm bags, or as magickal decoration in your home or on your altar. Each stone corresponds to a particular magickal property.


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African Turquoise, also known as The Stone of Evolution, encourages growth, development and positive change into your...
List Price: $63.95
Our Price:  $60.75
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Believed to help encourage self determination, balance and calm moods, and lift spirits.
List Price: $16.95
Sale Price:  $16.10
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1lb. of tumbled Amozonite stones.
List Price: $16.95
Our Price:  $16.10
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Aragonite forms as long interwoven 6 sided prisms which all grow from a common center point; which gives the clusters a...
List Price: $33.95
Our Price:  $32.25
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Blue Chalcedony is a stone of calming energy. It is often used in meditations, ritual and spell work for this purpose.
List Price: $26.95
Sale Price:  $25.60
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Tiger’s Eye is a popular stone for grounding., protection & energy shifting.
List Price: $29.95
Our Price:  $28.45
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Chevron Amethyst is formed where veins of white quartz and amethyst have formed together in the rock.
List Price: $28.95
Our Price:  $27.50
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Chrysocolla is a stone of communication devoted to expression, speech, empowerment and teaching.
List Price: $99.95
Our Price:  $94.95
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Dumortierite is a stone of the mind and of confidence. It is a stone whose energies tap into and strengthen the...
List Price: $23.95
Our Price:  $22.75
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Green Gold Stone is a stone of prosperity and of drawing wealth in but also a stone for protecting one's treasures.
List Price: $44.95
Our Price:  $42.70
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Jasper is known as a stone of protection, driving away evil and guarding you throughout the day.
List Price: $12.95
Our Price:  $12.30
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A 1lb. selection of our Tumbled Zebra Jasper Stones.
List Price: $16.95
Our Price:  $16.10
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Jet is considered to be a stone of sympathy and of healing grief.
List Price: $62.95
Our Price:  $59.80
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Kyanite is among the few crystals that are known for never needing to be purified or cleansed, for it simply does not...
List Price: $127.95
Our Price:  $121.55
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Lava or Basalt as it is often called is the result of an ancient volcanic eruption where fire from deep in the earth...
List Price: $21.95
Our Price:  $20.85
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Like all Jaspers, Leopard Skin is a powerful protection against things that are not good for you and it eases emotional...
List Price: $36.95
Our Price:  $35.10
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A 1lb. random selection of tumbled Malachite stones. Great for magic or crafts. Stones range from 3/4" - 1 1/2"
List Price: $83.95
Our Price:  $79.75
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Mangano calcite (pink calcite) is a heart crystal. It is also associated with angels.
List Price: $60.95
Our Price:  $57.90
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Nephrite is a type of Jade and has ancient uses as a stone used to attract love.
List Price: $36.95
Our Price:  $35.10
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Petrified Wood is an extremely grounding and protecting stone. It is said to calm the nerves and fears and to encourage...
List Price: $25.95
Our Price:  $24.65
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This packet of tumbled black pyrite is quite useful in spells and rituals of money drawing, helping you bring...
List Price: $93.95
Our Price:  $89.25
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This packet of tumbled pyrite is quite useful in spells and rituals of money drawing, helping you bring prosperity to...
List Price: $42.95
Our Price:  $40.80
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This packet of untumbled pyrite is quite useful in spells and rituals of money drawing, helping you bring prosperity to...
List Price: $9.95
Our Price:  $9.45
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In crystal healing and magical practice, Fluorite is commonly used to ground over-abundant energy.
List Price: $31.95
Our Price:  $30.35
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