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Books & Music

What the well-read Pagan has on their bookself and music library. We offer a selection of titles spanning magick and spells to the best in Pagan fiction and modern Paganism/Wicca. Check out our fine selection of blank books and Books of Shadows, music, and DVDs.

Astral, Dreams, Meditation, Psychic

Astral Travel, Dreams, Meditation, Psychic development and work... these are all areas of interest to the magickal person.

Books of Shadows

The Book of Shadows is a blank book or a journal for one's own ritual use, magickal spells, incense and oil recipes, and any magickal record...

Calendars & Magazines

Here is a great selection of periodicals such as 2009 Calendars, monthly/quarterly magazines, dated journals, and almanacs.

Celtic Norse Shamanic

Celtic Paths, Druid Mysteries, Norse Ways, or Shamanistic Techniques, here is where you'll find it!

DVDs & Instructional Media

Enter the modern era with DVDs that are Pagan Themed. These wonderful DVDs will make a great addition to your media library!

Faeries and Angels

Whether you are interested in stories, history or magickal traditions involving otherworldly entities, you can't help come across mention of...


Fantastic occult fiction (vampires, occult, Mysteries, witchcraft) by occult authors.

Healing Crystals Herbalism

Witches are the healers of old and we have assembled books about healing on spiritual, emotional, and physical levels.


A fine selection of fine Pagan music to enhance your ritual experience, listening pleasure, or meditations.

Occult & Magick

These selections deal with the Occult, Magick, Aleister Crowley, Eastern & Egyption systems, and developing Psychic Abilities.


Crafting spells and working practical magick are part of what Witches are known for!

Tarot Books & Divination

Books on Scrying, runes, tarot - all aspects of the ancient art of divination - can be found here.

Tarot Decks & Sets

In the Western world today, the Tarot has many uses for practitioners of magick, religion and spirituality, and psychology.

Wicca, Paganism, & Witchcraft

Paganism (Including Witchcraft and Wicca) is one the world's fastest growing spiritual paths.
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