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ou are in the right place if you want to influence your reality, be it in love, career, prosperity, or any other way. We are the Walkers between the Worlds. We are the Weavers of the Web. We are the Witches, Streghe, Magicians, and Workers of Wonder & Magic. We influence the ebb and flow of the tide that is the dance of the Universe. The subtle forces beckon and we answer the Call.

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Celtic Knot Mortar and Pestle Set

Wonderfully carved of stone, this mortar and pestle presents a wonderful design that is perfect for lovers of Celtic imagery and seek to incorporate its beauty on their altar, or otherwise enjoy its presence as they work with herbs and minerals, whether they are delving into homeopathic remedies or the arts of alchemy. With a traditional mortar and pestle shape, it has a black surface, carved to present a patterned design at its base that accents the band of Celtic Knotwork that wraps around it; imagery that is highlighted as well by the carved design encircling the mortar`s rim.
List Price: $17.95 Sale Price: $13.46


Anna Riva Collection

We carry the full line of Anna Riva oils and incenses. All Anna Riva products use pure and uncut pychic oils to vibrate toward specific...

Bags & Boxes

Here you will find boxes and bags and pouches for Tarot Decks of every size, trinket boxes for your special keepsakes, tote and messenger...

Books & Music

Music, DVDs, and books on the occult, spell craft, tarot & divination, Wicca and Paganism.


Candles have long been used in association with magick and Witchcraft. Many spiritual traditions use candles to speed prayers and bring about...

Clothing & Accessories

Adorn yourself with the height of Pagan fashion! Sarongs, Altar Cloths, Messenger-Tote Bags, and more.

Crystal Balls, Runes, & Tarot Decks

Crystals & Gemstones, Crystal Balls, Runes, & Tarot Decks - all manner of divination!

Everything Else

Everything Else - Charcoal, Black Salt, Cords, Coffin Nails, Oil Bottles, Washes, and more!


Posters, Bumper Stickers, Magnets, Window Decals, Buttons - say it your way!

Fairie Store

Whether you are interested in stories, history or magickal traditions involving otherworldly entities, you can't help come across mention of...

For the New Witch

What's a new Witch to stock their cupboards with? We know the choices can be difficult so here are our suggestions!


Herbs have long been associated with folk medicine and healing, ceremonial magick, spell work, and incense making.


Incense sticks and cone incense, smudge sticks, elemental incense, and incense holders!


We have a huge selection of Amber Necklaces, Celtic and Norse Designs, Pentacles, Pendants, and Earrings.

Love & Passion

Looking for a new love? Or perhaps to reignite the passion with your current soul mate?

Money & Prosperity

To celebrate the coming of Spring we offer you our Money & Prosperity Collection.

New Products

These are new products that we have added in the past month.

Oils & Potions

Witches' Alchemy Potions, Anna Riva Oils, Essential Oils, Herbal and Magickal Oils by Sacred Spirit

Ritual Tools

The magick is within you but the tools bring it out! Athames, wands, chalices, patens, and bells.

Scribing Supplies

Dragon's Blood? Dove's Blood? Bat's Blood? Inks, Colored Quills, & parchment to set your spell in motion!

Spell Casting Shop

In our new Spell Casting Shop we have brought together all of our best spell-related products!

Spells & Charms

Created by real witches! Charms, spells, mixes, and candles give you control over your intentions.

Statuary & Plaques

Goddess and God statuary & sacred plaques for your personal devotions.

New Products

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